Why Muscle Matters

Do you want to age well?  For many of us, as the years pass, our bodies tend to feel weaker, less resilient, more prone to injury, and just not the same as they used to feel.  There is a problem we all face that causes this decline.  It's called Sarcopenia.

Strength Changes Everything Infographic

Sarcopenia refers to the loss of muscle as we age.  As you can see in the graphic above, the average adult experiences a 5 lb muscle loss, a 5% reduction in metabolic function, and a 15 lb fat gain every decade.  This leads to chronic inflammation, insulin resistance, compromised health and vitality, among other things.  It is no wonder we feel less than our best the older we get.

The good news is that there is a way to stop and even reverse sarcopenia: Resistance Strength Training.  Studies have shown that even brief bouts of strength training (performed at the right intensity) lead to a whole host of adaptations within the body.  The improvement in muscle quality due to proper strength training leads to improvements in brain function, bone density, hormonal levels, metabolic function, and even gastrointestinal function!

As time passes, our bodies are either on a steady decline or are improving.  The key to keeping your body functioning at its best is to find a strength training program that is safe, effective, and measurable.  Today’s technology allows us to use Smart measures to strength train with the perfect intensity to produce the positive adaptations we all need.  Seek to find an atmosphere where you will have expert guidance and accountability to keep you on track. 

If you are feeling the effects of age, let us help you change your life, 20-minutes at a time.  Join the thousands of people who have changed their bodies and are living lives full of what they love most.  Enjoy Strength.


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Lissa Doniro
Lissa Doniro
When you think about your muscles, you probably mull over the ones you can control. These are your purposeful muscles which infer you can control their developments. Cooperate with the issues that stay to be worked out you walk, run, get things. The muscles of your mouth and throat even help you talk! Essay Writers Help Online
When you consider your muscles, you presumably contemplate the ones you can control. These are your intentional muscles which imply you can control their movements. Work together with the issues that remain to be worked out you walk, run, get things. The muscles of your mouth and throat even help you talk! Professional Essay Writers Online